Background and Purpose:

The purpose of this requirement is to provide technical support to assist and coordinate businesses with Chances Enterprises LLC. Our goal is promoting innovation and action for the request of services throughout the Metro Atlanta.  Chances Enterprises will provide public and private partnership promoting and beautifying our city by adoption innovations to our scope of services.  Our employees are highly qualify for this task, and guarantees 100% Satisfaction.

Our Mission:

Is to protect and perform all work entrusted to our company.  Our company will perform the scope of work described by our customer, because our customers are entrusting us to extend our company ethics and services. Our guidelines are based on FAR and DOD, FAR Supplement, Part 19; corresponding clauses, forms, and Procurement Guidance Information (PGI)

Arriving at Jobsite:

  • Chances Enterprises will monitor all employees to a job sites and manage the scope of work.
  • Chances Enterprises LLC will provide all products for a scope of work.
  • Employees are neatly dressed in adaptive clothing depending on the scope of work.
  • Employees will work regular hours, and is responsible to maintain and respect all properties belonging to customers and job site.

Rules & Conduct:

Chances Enterprise LLC will not tolerate sagging pants and pants without a belt. Chances Enterprise provides Dress Code and Uniforms.  Sleeveless clothing is NOT acceptable during working hours.

  • No foul languages
  • Smoking in designated areas
  • Accountability for yourself during working hours
  • Conduct all work ethics and practice
  • No money exchange, or tips from anyone unless it is approved by company and both parties.
  • Punctuality
  • Chances Enterprise does not accept Tardiness.
  • Corrective Plan of Action for discrepancies created within the company and employees

Disaster & Debris Cleanup:

Decontamination • Respiratory Protection: Air Purifying Respirators • Confined Spaces: The Hidden Threat • HAZWOPER • Hazard Communication: Erase Mole & Mildew • Respiratory Protection: Air Supplying • Disaster Readiness

Timely Completion of all Jobs:

Chances Enterprise LLC, is famous for early and timely completion of all Scope of Work regardless of setbacks.